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Colorado 5 Start Trusted and Insured Roo

Customer satisfaction is a priority for our team at Integrated Roofing Systems. We take pride in being able to restore a customer's home or commercial property to pre-existing condition or better. Colorado is home for us and our customers, and we want to keep their properties, including their roofs in great shape. 

Read our reviews and customer testimonials. You'll understand why Integrated Roofing Systems is trusted and preferred by Colorado property owners when it comes to roof replacements, repairs, and more. 


Eric A. 

Geoff was amazing!! We had some hail damage on our house. Geoff went above and beyond to get us the most from our insurance company. He met the adjuster at the house and showed him a few areas that were hard to find. During the installation, the company delivering the shingles, dropped one and damaged our gutter. Geoff, immediately got on the phone with their boss and got them to replace the damaged gutter free of charge. They could have pounded the old one back in shape and we'd probably wouldn't even notice it. But they didn't!!

barb f.JPG

Barb F.

Geoffery Johnston is the best! For 3 yrs I've been having roofers inspect only to say that my roof was bad "but not from the hail". While my neighbors were getting roofs due to the hail damage I didn't have anybody go to bat for me until I met Geoffery. He knew the material and had a good explanation of why the hail wasn't pitting my worn roof and he met the ins appraiser at the house on short notice. He got me my roof and followed the project to make sure it was done right! He listened to any concerns that I had and was patient with my indecision on what colors to choose. I wish more company's cared about customer service the way this one does and they're very lucky to have Geoffery! Thanks Geoff!


Chuck P.

When the hailstorm hit last year, a friend recommended Geoffery at Colorado Western Construction and I'm extremely happy she did. There was damage to my whole property...roof, gutters, windows, fence, paint, and garage door. He and his team were very knowledgeable, professional, and did an excellent job! I recommended him to a few neighbors, and they recommended him as well. He did 12 homes in my neighborhood. I would highly recommend Geoffery and IRS Roofing Systems to all my friends and family!


Adeana K.

I'm a Real Estate Broker in the Denver Metro area and I've refereed Geoffery to my clients for years. My clients love him and in a situation where they need to replace a roof, which can be very stressful, Geoffery has made it extremely easy for them. He sees the project through from start to finish himself. He's very professional and I'll Continue to use him for all my roofing and construction needs.


Robyn C.

Geoff ws great to work with and always professional and responsive. The job was completed on time without issue.

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